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PrompterAI helps you to stay on top of things by sending bite-sized briefing packages, which collect information and action points from public data sources and all the tools you use internally.

Never get caught off-guard in a meeting again!

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15 Euros per month, 14 days free trial, no credit card required.

Skip the meeting preparation work

PrompterAI handles all the searching and googling for you. Instead of spending time on it, you get a bite-sized briefing package with everything ranging from LinkedIn profiles and news to previous emails and notes from CRM.

Never miss an opportunity

Briefing packages contain various reminders, which help you to take action and to never miss an important follow up, message or an opportunity.

No need to install anything

There's no apps to install, integrations to configure or data to import. PrompterAI works automatically with the tools you already use, and communicates via email and Slack.

PrompterAI does the research for you

  • LinkedIn profiles and recent news

    Automatically see LinkedIn profiles for new acquaintances and most recent company headlines.

  • Previous emails and support conversations

    See at a glance the latest communications and what has been happening with the support team.

  • Latest notes from CRM

    PrompterAI integrates to your CRM and provides you with the lastest notes from previous interactions.

AI powered reminders help take action

  • Keeping CRM up to date

    PrompterAI can book a time from your calendar to tackle missing CRM notes.

  • Never miss a follow up

    PrompterAI will alert you if there has been no communications after a meeting with a customer.

  • Avoid no-shows

    When a lead hasn't responded to your meeting invitation PrompterAI reminds you to check the schedules with them.

It all works automagically

There's no apps to install, integrations to configure or data to import. Just one click, and the next morning you'll wake up with a briefing package in your email.

1. Connect calendar and email

It only takes a couple of seconds and a few clicks, we want to keep things simple.

2. PrompterAI scans your calendar

Every morning we check your calendar for upcoming and recent meetings.

3. You receive a briefing package

Based on meetings, we aggregate information from public sources and internal tools and compile everything into a bite-sized briefing package.

PrompterAI integrates with the tools you already use. Are we missing your favorite? Drop us a line at [email protected]

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15 Euros per month

14-day free trial, no credit card required

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