After a couple of months hard work, some intense coding and many fantastic discussions with potential users, it’s time to “officially” unveil PrompterAI. Not that we would’ve been shy talking about what we’re doing, it’s just that we hadn’t had time to post much on the internet as we’ve been busy building the company.

PrompterAI was born out of the founders’ experiences at in sales and with customers. Niko was an a data scientist working closely with many clients and Juho managed all the sales tools and processes. While I originally joined in as one of the first engineers, I jumped over to sales and managed my own clients and leads in the US.

There’s got to be a better way

We all had our own perspectives to managing customer relationships, but one thing was in common: there was a lot of information everyone had to keep tabs on, and it was all scattered around different tools. There’s got to be a better way, we thought and so PrompterAI was started.

Instead of sales people having to manually staying on top of everything that’s going on inside and outside of their organisation, we tap into internal tools and external signals, and compile automatic briefing packages their meetings. This can be for example LinkedIn profiles for new prospects, recent email discussions, related internal chats from Slack, updates from the company intranet or own notes from Evernote.

In practice, for every calendar event, we build the briefing package and then compile those into a daily digest email, such as the one shown in the screenshot above.

We’re just getting started

It’s still early days for us. While we already have a product up and running and first early adopters (thank you!) testing it every day, I’m sure we’re still just scratching the surface. There’s a lot we can learn on how to best help sales people with their meeting preparation work and managing complexities of the modern information overload.

I’m super excited for the opportunity to work on this with my two co-founders Niko and Juho. This is not the first time we’re in the trenches together and it’s amazing to have a team that’s not intimidated by new problems (we just ask “well, how hard can it really be?”), a team that enjoys a good argument and most importantly a team that’s fun to hang out with.

Also, huge thanks to all our early adopters and to everyone who has provided feedback so far. We wouldn’t be here without you, and I’m sure we’ll be able to build great things together in the future.

We’re always looking for more feedback and thoughts, so if you feel like chatting about sales enablement or tech, feel free to reach out to

Finally, you can sign up for the daily digests at Go ahead and give it a try :)