3 external and 2 internal meetings today

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Good morning Steve,

Busy day ahead!

Your first meeting with with PiedPiper

Monthly catch ups with with Hooli Corp and PrompterAI

Lunch with Don

2 other internal meetings

2 other events

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Intro: Pied Piper

Did you know, that Mary and Alex are also working on a similar prospect customer, maybe sync up with them?

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Who's joining

Richard Hendriks
Co-founder and CEO at Pied Piper
Jared Dunn
Head of Business Development Pied Piper

About PiedPiper

200 - 500 employees

Consumer Technology, App

Our revolutionary compression, mixed with industry standard encryption, makes Space Saver the perfect tool to lower server costs as well as keep client records safe.

News about PiedPiper

PiedPiper launches version 2.0 of their app yesterday

From techcrunch.com

Is PiedPiper hiring a COO? Check out pictures and our report! 7 days ago

From valleywag.com

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10:00 — 11:30, every month

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Last meeting with PrompterAI was 3 weeks ago

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Who's joining

Niko Ahonen NEW
Chief Technology Officer at PrompterAI

Lauri and Niko are also joining from PrompterAI

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Meeting with PrompterAI, Mar 28 2018

Joining in Lauri, Juho and Niko, meeting at their office

  • They are looking for tools to help them dominate the world
  • Showed our offering, they seemed interesting
  • For them security is an important factor when deciding

Next steps

  • Setup demo account
  • Schedule a follow up in about a month

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Lunch with Mark

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