HubSpot works with PrompterAI

HubSpot CRM helps you to track, organize and nurture your leads and customers.

When you're getting ready for a meeting or a call, PrompterAI is your is your favorite productivity tool. It pulls data from HubSpot, other internal tools and hundreds of online sources, and compiles everything into a bite-sized one-pager.

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PrompterAI's HubSpot integration boosts your productivity

Save 15 minutes per meeting

PrompterAI automatically pulls earlier notes, conversations and relevant links both from HubSpot and other tools and sources into one place, so you don't need to spend time googling and searching for information.

Never forget to follow up or upload meeting notes

With busy schedules, important things can sometimes slip. PrompterAI reminds you about missing follow ups and meeting notes that should be added to HubSpot.

Get started instantly

Everything works automatically, you don't need to upload or tag content, setup configuration or go through settings pages. Just 1 click and you're good to go.