Calendly works with PrompterAI

Calendly is one of the favorite tools PrompterAI users use to schedule meetings without the hassle of back-and-forth emails.

Once you have the meeting scheduled, PrompterAI helps you to prepare for it. Before a meeting, PrompterAI pulls in information from all kinds of internal tools and 100s of online sources, uses AI to figure out what's relevant for the meeting, and then compiles everything into a bite-sized one-pager.

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Using PrompterAI and Calendly will make meetings a breeze

Save 15 minutes before every meeting

PrompterAI automates LinkedIn searches, googling and all the other meeting prep work you'd spend time on before every meeting. Before every meeting, you get a bite-sized briefing package which collects relevant information from all those internal tools and online sources into one place.

Never forget to follow up

PrompterAI also provides helpful reminders for your meetings. Have you ever missed a follow up, forgot to upload notes to CRM or had conflicting schedules for next day's meetings. Well, not anymore!

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Everything works automatically, you don't need to upload or tag content, setup configuration or go through settings pages. Just 1 click and you're good to go.