Intercom works with PrompterAI

Intercom is the tool where your customers report issues and interact with the support team.

When you're getting ready for a meeting or a call, PrompterAI is your is your favorite productivity tool. Before a meeting, it pulls in information from all kinds of internal tools and 100s of online sources, uses AI to figure out what's relevant for the meeting and then compiles everything into a bite-sized one-pager.

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PrompterAI's Intercom will make your meetings go smoother

Save 15 minutes per meeting

PrompterAI automatically pulls earlier notes, conversations and relevant links both from Intercom and other tools and sources into one place, so you don't need to spend time googling and searching for information.∂

Do you know about this bug?!?

Have you ever been in a meeting where the customer brings up an issue they reported in Intercom, but you missed or hadn't had a chance to check it? PrompterAI automatically reminds you about new and open tickets before a meeting, so you never get caught off guard again.

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